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Book Previews From Author Ethan Holmes

This is the book previews page of author Ethan Holmes. If you would like to instantly preview any book below simply tap on the book cover to be taken to Amazon's instant book preview. At the top of each preview the option to purchase the book in either paperback or ebook format will be available.

Shorts and Other Laundry

Book Previews, Shorts and Other Laundry by Ethan Holmes

Start off on the right foot by downloading your free copy of a 'best of' collection of short stories from the genetically modified brain of Ethan Holmes.


Book Previews, Water by Ethan Holmes

Click on the cover to get an instant preview of Ethan Holmes' latest novel, Water. When potable water is no longer readily available, and nothing but mud comes spurting out of the faucet, what will you have to do to survive? The changes to society and their behavior will be instantaneous.

Earth's Blood

Book Previews Earth's Blood by Ethan Holmes

What happens to the planet and modern day life as you know it when the single largest and most profound seismic event in history strikes Earth? Earth's Blood transports readers all over the globe as everything we know about life is altered in a moment and humanity as a whole is confronted with its own survival.

The Keystone

Book Previews, The Keystone by Ethan Holmes

The Keystone Hotel was once a grande dame of hotels in the 'coal scarred' city of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Now it's a dilapidated, run down shadow of its former glory. Today it houses society's cast-offs consisting of State assisted seniors, supposedly recovering drug addicts and mental patients, hookers and people with no better place to be. It's the kind of place where you wouldn't normally take notice of people dying, unless they started dying a bit too frequently. Join private eye Titus Kofi as he battles the cash hungry owners of The Keystone and the Scranton PD to find out who is knocking off the residents of The Keystone and why.

Live Your Life in a Crap Free Zone

Book Previews, Live Your Life in a Crap Free Zone by Ethan Holmes

We make choices every day, every hour, every moment. Those choices lead us down this path or that one. Change the choice and the path changes. So does your life. Author Ethan Holmes uses his dry and often acerbic wit and humor to illustrate the choices we make in life about every facet of life and how making a different choice changes everything.

A Multi Pack of Brain Flakes

Book Previews, A Multi-Pack of Brain Flakes by Ethan Holmes

Another collection of short stories from the twisted mind of Ethan Holmes.