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Ethan Holmes, author and nature photographer.

Visit the author's  Book Previews Page tab to get an instant digital preview of any of the seven books you see below.  If you enjoy a couple of Science Fiction, 'End of Society As We Know It' thrillers, take a look at Water or Earth's Blood. Water examines what happens when you turn on a faucet or go to the store for bottles of it and there's none to be had. Earth's Blood uses richly detailed vignettes to tell the story of what happens when the single largest seismic event in history changes everything in an instant.

Do you like to curl up with an offbeat murder mystery? The Keystone might be right up your alley. Live Your Life in a Crap Free Zone is for all those readers who enjoy dry witted and often acerbic humor as the author takes a look at real life and its choices. Lastly, if short stories with Twilight Zone or Black Mirror-like twists are your thing, then Shorts and Other Laundry and A Multi-Pack of Brain Flakes are waiting for you.


The Keystone, a murder mystery centered in a dilapidated hotel where the tenants are dying like flies. The cash cow hotel brings in plenty of money for the owners and they don't mind the tenant turnover. Titus Kofi does. He wants to know why more people are dying than living at The Keystone


Ethan Holmes releases The Town of Perfecta 'bookshot' style story of a rather unusual community where the only requirement to live there happens to be the town motto as well. "All Give Freely of What They Have." The residents of Perfect come from  all walks of life. Some adapt very quickly to the highly unusual lifestyle. A few, confused and bewildered and frustrated, find themselves in rebellion.

Who doesn't like FREE? Get your copy of Shorts and Other Laundry, free in ebook format.

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