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About the author Ethan Holmes About the author;

Ethan Holmes is the author of seven books including Earth's Blood, Water, The Keystone, Live Your Life in a Crap Free Zone, Shorts and Other Laundry, A Multi Pack of Brain Flakes and the newly released novella, The Town of Perfect. He also writes poetry, articles and random thoughts that travel through his brain.

Visit  The Town of Perfect, Ethan Holmes' bookshot style novella about a community that tries to live by the sole credo, "All Give Freely of What They Have".

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He currently  resides in Northern Arizona where he also pursues a passion for nature photography.

Shorts and Other Laundry

Start off on the right foot by downloading your free copy of Shorts and Other Laundry by Ethan Holmes. It's a collection of some of the author's favorite short stories.


Click on the cover to get an instant preview of Water, the latest release from author Ethan Holmes. Read Water and find out what happens when the widespread lack of potable water forces everyone into survival mode.

Earth's Blood

What will happen to the planet and modern society as you know it when the single largest seismic event in history strikes Earth? Find out. Read Earth's Blood by Ethan Holmes.

Live Your Life in a Crap Free Zone

We all make choices in our lives, every day, every hour, every moment. Those choices determine where we go, what path we travel in life. Change the choices, change the path. Ethan Holmes uses his dry and sometimes acerbic wit and humor to illustrate how making different choices about nearly everything in life changes your life.

Newly available i n paperback, The Keystone takes the reader to a former grande dame hotel in Scranton, Pennsylvania that is now nothing more than a dilapidated, run down shadow of its former self. Home to State funded societal rejects, seniors with no where else to go, hookers, drug addicts and mentally unstable people, the Keystone Hotel is the kind of place that can only be hell to some and a cash cow to the owners. It's also the kind of place where no one really takes notice if you die, unless it starts happening with a little too much frequency.  Follow private eye, Titus Kofi around as he tries to find out who is knocking off the tenants at the Keystone and why.

A Multi Pack of Brain Flakes

Enjoy another collection of short stories from the genetically modified brain of author Ethan Holmes.

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