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Ethan Holmes

Author of The Keystone, Earth’s Blood, A Multi-Pack of Brain Flakes, Live Your Life in a Crap Free Zone and Shorts and Other Laundry

Earth's Blood transports the reader into the lives of people all over the post-apocalyptic planet and into the richly detailed stories of both survivors and victims of the most profound earthquake and tectonic plate movement ever recorded on Earth.

My name is Dr. Niles Havoc. I and my colleagues, Peter and Leslie Armistead along with Sam Travers had been telling whoever would listen, or wouldn't listen, that Earth was ripe for a seismic event the likes of which man has never seen. Thousands of years of accumulating, unreleased pressure was setting the stage for a cataclysm that would change the entire planet and endanger the existence of humans inhabiting it. The signs were all there for those of us who knew what to look for and we couldn't comprehend why only a few of our colleagues and the general public seemed to care. Governments around the world were even less enthusiastic.

Then one day it happened. That's why the four of us are quietly watching it snow in Jerome, Arizona in July. It's also why the largest tsunami ever known rockets across the Pacific Ocean and slams into the entire western edge of the "ring of fire". It could also be why all the formerly dormant volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest are now violently active and millions of people are trying, most unsuccessfully, to get out of there.

Captain Ben Vorghees doesn't know why his massive cruise liner is being tossed around like a toy in a bathtub. Ito Isaki becomes a hero for just a moment by rescuing much of the staff and guests at a Japanese resort hotel only to look up and see an unstoppable black monstrosity looming in front of him.

For those of us who survived and exist in this rapidly changing, re-forming post-apocalyptic world it has become a matter of basic survival. We are certain there are other survivors, individuals and small groups, yet we do not know how they will make it. There are no public utilities, no grocery stores and almost no modern forms of communication.

If there are other survivors, we can't help them much and they can't help us.

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