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Ethan Holmes

Author of The Keystone, Earth’s Blood, A Multi-Pack of Brain Flakes, Live Your Life in a Crap Free Zone and Shorts and Other Laundry

A Collection of Seven Short Stories

By, Ethan Holmes

Short Story One - Anger Management: Harry Houghton is a frustrated writer on a quest to a writer’s conference in Florida from his home in Oregon to find out once and for all why he is not a world famous novelist.

Short Story Two - The Man Who Ate Popcorn: George is a professor of Social Studies at a college where his students spend more time on their cell phones rather than paying attention in class. George is overweight, unattractive, angry and lonely and he has a really strange obsession for popcorn.

Short Story Three - Fifteen Feet: Written from the perspective of a fifteen year old boy living in a violently abusive home that he is desperate to escape.

Short Story Four - Lost and Unfound: A man shows up at the Lost and Found to report his girlfriend and her friend missing after a really bad day at the theme park. Short

Story Five- From Bagels to Bars: This morning all he wanted was a bagel. By evening he finds himself staring at prison bars.

Short Story Six - Don’t Forget Your Change: Jack is a cashier at a big box grocery store and he is not having a good day.

Short Story Seven - Have Some Cookies and Milk: Billy, Dennis and Frankie are best friends in fifth grade who are continually menaced by a bully named Jake. Billy finally decides they have to find a way to end it once and for all.

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